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Talks and Workshops

Mark is also available for Talks and Workshop. In 2018 he created a talk entitled "The Evolution of the Spanish guitar". This is in 3 main sections, which are as follows:

1) A long time ago, in a country far far away

This covers very early instruments from which the Spanish guitar originated, including the Greek Kithara, Gittern, Lyre, European and Middle Eastern lutes, and the Spanish Vihuela. It then covers how the Spanish guitar evolved from these instruments.

2) The Classical Guitar and Flamenco Guitar

The talk then progresses to the Classical and Flamenco guitar, what the differences are, and some important players and innovators of these instruments.

3) "The evolution of the Spanish guitar in music"

This part of the talk tells the story of how the Spanish guitar evolved to have a role beyond that of a solo instrument, being featured in Orchestras, World Fusion, Pop music and beyond.
The talk also includes demonstrations of various techniques and styles of music on the Spanish guitar. Mark is also available for workshops - "Introduction to Flamenco" is a popular topic, but these can be tailored to your requirements.

Contact mark if you would like to book him for a talk on 01503 230832 or 07970 052329

Recent feedback from a talk:

Hi Mark

Just a note to say how much your talk was appreciated last Wednesday. I am sure many told you themselves how much they enjoyed the presentation, and I too was congratulated for finding you! I would say that as a public speaker you can add this to your other talents!

Thank you so much, we really enjoyed your talk.


(Speaker's Secretary, Crediton U3A)