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If you wish to donate to Mark as a thank you for a performance or to help fund future music releases, you can do so here:

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Facebook (Mark as a personal acquaintace)
Facebook (Mark Barnwell Spanish Guitarist)

Music Resources

A fantastic on-line resource for Music teachers, students and musicians. Do check this out!

Some great musicians that I know and have performed with (live and on albums)

Jim Stubblefield
Spanish guitar duo Carbé and Durand
Al Marconi
Guitarra Arrizza
Jason Carter
Tim Juckes


Peter Pracownik - world reknowned album cover artist (and artist for "Mandala" CD).
Lynne Tansey (co-artist for "Mandala" CD)
Patrick Gamble (Visionary & Psychic Artist)

Flamenco and Nuevo Flamenco

Jim Stubblefield
Spanish guitar duo Carbé and Durand
Dan Sistos
David Correa
David Gallegos
Eric Hansen
Guitarra Azul
Jesse Cook
Johannes Linstead
Paco de Lucia
Strunz and Farah

Vegan products, resources and eateries

Viva! The UK's leading vegan campaigning charity
Vegan Resource Guide
Mooli Foodworks - extraordinary vegan food
Will's Vegan shoes - as used exclusively for Mark's footwear
Vegan Organic Network
A guide to cruelty-free beauty shopping
The Cornish Vegan - award winning vegan cafe in Truro
Vega - simply awesome vegan food in Tintagel


Sea Shepherd
Shark Trust
The marine conservation society

Some great local companies - all personally highly recommended by me

Martin Douglas Guitars - Cornwall based Spanish guitar luthier - designing and making classical and flamenco guitars at my workshop in West Cornwall. Very nice instruments as you will hear from my demo on the link above.
Queensgate Studios - top drawer music production and software development.
Check out some of these amazing food products, Raw Chocolate Pie just has to be tried.
Archie Browns is a thriving health food shop, therapy space and cafe that aims to provide people with the choice of a healthy lifestyle and empower them to look after their own health by providing a friendly helpful service with an all round uplifting and inspiring environment.

Health and Wellbeing

Massage, reflexology and Indian Head Massage
A fantanstica Yoga teacher based in South East Cornwall
Pilates with the excellent Liz Doyle
A good Iboga detox and healing ceremony in a luxurious bungalow in the Netherlands.
Burnout Therapie Wiesbaden


Warren Derrington Evans - award winning and extremely talented local photographer.
Alex Christaki - a great photographer (and musician!).
Fiona Walsh - oozing with artistic creativity.

And now for something completely different....

Deborah Latham - An extremely talented Somerset based author, who released her debut novel "Peter McLeish" in 2014.
Quite possibly the funniest musical comedian on the planet.
Specialists in sustainable design.

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