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Tayu are a duo comprising singer MYRIΔD and mulit-instrumentalist MAHHRK.

They first started collaborating after working together at a Sound Healing workshop in Glastonbury in late 2019 - Glastonbury being a sort of geographical halfway between their respective homes of North London and Cornwall.

The collaboration was very organic, and without either of them knowing how or why, soon evolved from just one piece of music into a whole album.

The theme of the album is based around the 5 elements of consciousness - earth, fire, water, air and spirit, plus 2 short "interlude" solo tracks, one each from Myriad and Mahhrk.

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Incantation - Tayu
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The fabulous cover art for this album is by Kerri Blackman McCabe:


"Wonderful album on so many levels" - Prem Myers
"Phenomenal" - Kelly Anne Fleming Lynch
"Beautiful and ethereal" - Marie Weston
"When I began to listen to this debut album by Täyu, the insistent double-beat percussion that underlies the first track, 'Incantation', grabbed me by the lapels and insistently demanded my attention. From that moment, I was hooked. If 'Incantation' was a book, I wouldn't have been able to put it down. 'Gaia' is more contemplative and reflective; 'Prayer' short, but very beautiful. The ethereal introduction of 'Breathe' melts into a sweeping internal vista conveyed by an electric guitar whose sound summons memories of Jeff Wayne's classic 'War of the Worlds'. Against a background of birdsong the spell of the 'Enchanted Forest' is woven by both guitar and voice, supplemented by brilliant use of the didgeridoo to complete the enchantment. The brief Middle Eastern overtones of 'Ahimsa' then lead you to the 'Shores of Atlantis', where the lapping of seawater heralds a voice calling out for the return of the mysterious and the lost. I hope this album is the first of very, very many by Täyu." - Deborah Latham


Incantation - album preview

Gaia - official video

Streaming and Downloads

The album also features additional musical input from Violin/Viola player France based Melissa Cox on "Breathe" and "Gaia", and Didgeridoo on "Incantation" and "Enchanted Forest" from Exeter based Didgedave, from the band "Windslide".

The first track to be completed, "Shores of Atlantis" started off as a very simple guided meditation but soon evolved into a hypnotic musical sound-scape, featuring Myriad's improvised non-lyric vocals, and Mahhrk adding the music featuring some different instruments to those in his usual creative arsenal - including Fretless guitar and Native American Indian Flute. This particular piece is also recorded in 432Hz tuning, which is believed by many to be more resonant with the universe and nature.

Mahhrk says "As this piece features water (a real seascape recorded in Cornwall) I felt intuitively drawn to record the entire piece of music in 432Hz, which meant de-tuning the guitars and also sourcing a flute in the right key and tuning."

The earth themed song "Enchanted Forest" is a re-working of a piece of music that Mahhrk wrote back in 2000, this time featuring Myraid's enchanting vocals, Dave's Didgeridoo, forest and nature sounds, Spanish guitar, percussion, bass and a whole new musical concept from Mahhrk towards the end of the song, who creatures "Sounds of creatures from the Enchanted Forest using the electric guitar"

"Gaia" (The spirit theme) sees Myraid's creativity in full-flow, with Mahhrk and Melissa's Guitar and string parts adding some spiritual magic.

"Incantation" (the Shamanic-inspired fire theme) builds on many of the experiences Myriad and Mahhrk had in Glastonbury, many of which owe a lot to being there during Samhain - and features Vocals, Shamanic drumming, Didgeridoo and a new creation "Shamanic electric guitar".

"Breathe" (The air theme) adds a whole new dimension to the album, drawing on Mahhrk's passion for "Spiritual guitar music", as pioneered by the legendary Pink Floyd.

Two short pieces provide "spiritual audio aperetifs" between tracks - Myraid's solo vocal piece "Prayer", and Mahhrk's solo Spanish guitar piece "Ahimsa" - written in C, tuned to 528Hz - the universal frequency of Love.

The album was produced mostly by Mahhrk, althuough Myriad played a very decisive role with certaining aspects of the vocals and certain vibes she wanted to achieve. Despite creating a whole album, Mahhrk and Myriad have not worked together in person since early November 2019 - showing the power of what can be creativity acheived remotely with collaborations no matter where you are in the world.


1) Incantation
Myriad - vocals
Mahhrk - electric guitar, percussion, programming
Didgedave - didgeridoo
2) Gaia
Myriad - vocals
Mahhrk - Spanish guitar, steel string guitar, percussion, programming
Melissa Cox - violin, viola
3) Prayer
Myriad - vocals
4) Breathe
Myriad - vocals
Mahhrk - electric guitar, keyboards, programming
Melissa Cox - violin, viola
5) Enchanted Forest
Myriad - Vocals
Mahhrk - Spanish guitar, percussion, programming, "creatures of the forest sound effects on electric guitar"
Didgedave - Didgeridoo
6) Ahimsa
Mahhrk - Spanish guitar

7) Shores of Atlantis
Myriad - Vocals
Mahhrk - Spanish guitar, fretless Spanish guitar, percussion, Native American Indian Flute, programming


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